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Surrounded by art, dance, and music, Parcilla Badhwar grew up in Houston steeped in a rich culture. The whole family is pretty brainy. Her dad worked for NASA. One day, he’s explaining how very complex space travel is. Parcilla remarks, “C’mon, dad. It’s not rocket science.” He deadpans back, “Actually honey, it is.” Leaving the music of spheres to her father, she moved to Austin and attained her Bachelor of Arts in Music from The University of Texas at Austin. Her vocal studies included are song and opera. She became proficient in French. She also immersed herself in more detailed coursework in concerto literature and vocal art song.

She didn’t stop there, though, putting her head down, working hard and attaining Doctor of Pharmacy from the The University of Texas College of Pharmacy in 1999.

Parcilla has a sparkling wit, sometimes dryer than a James Bond martini. She’s vivacious, witty, and intelligent. Sometimes she’s playful or quirky, other times wholesome and compassionate. Imagine her as the grown up girl next door. Talented in her interpretation, Parcilla’s unique style and rhythm set her apart. Versatile, she can cover a broad range of moods. When she is not being a pharmacist, a musician, or doing voiceover work, she writes children's books. Yep. She writes too.

Parcilla now lives in Dallas where she continues her voiceover studies with Bruce Carey and can sing anything from Ella Fitzgerald to the Beatles. Really.

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